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simtomylou said: This is exactly what I got through with my boyfriend since I don’t see him through the week either.

Uh it’s so shit. Like he doesn’t even bother, and his parents won’t let me stay over his house, and then they complain about him staying over mine as they think he doesn’t have his priorities straight, but if he didn’t stay over he would be up until the early hours of the morning playing computer games instead. I guess it just bothers me that he personally has decided not to stay over, and I know he won’t bother trying to see me at any other time… It upsets me knowing he doesn’t want to spend time with me. Sigh.

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The moment when your boyfriend doesn’t want to stay over this weekend because he stayed over for two nights last weekend…

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Bedding Defaults for all expansions and stuff packs.

Someone asked me about the beddings I use and that reminded me that I had these sitting in my drafts for ages :) I defaulted my favourites from kaputt-geliebt, shastakiss and sims2palette since they’re all I use anyway :3 See swatch here.

Download here. Swatch included. [files are separated into folders by EP/SP - pick and choose what you want/don’t want]

Credits; kaputt-geliebt, sims2palette, shastakiss.

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davidmont said: Came to your blog for this beautiful post ♥ /post/50598957609/ I love it

Haha really? That post is so old! I miss Sims 3. Thank you for messaging me, this is lovely and made me smile. <3~

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34 pixar posters by yandereplum ♥

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I might just re-install my whole game.

I am tempted to just start over. My game takes so long to load and I have so much CC that I don’t want, and for some reason I can’t access the folder (it is huge anyway). So I might just start again from the beginning. Which means new stories from me. Hmm.

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The 4th Chapter of my 100 Baby Challenge is up on my lj! To read click here.

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Ivy Verity. The mum in my 100 Baby Challenge.

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Have a selfie??? I was loading sims 2 up earlier but it was so slow :(( and I have been super tired lately (jet lag??). I will update soon! :’(

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So last week whilst in Turkey I did reach 3,000 followers! I couldn’t believe it really, I never thought I would achieve something so great. So I will probably share a few things to make up for it, which should hopefully be tonight or this weekend. (I have been ridiculously busy this week). So yes, thank you to every single one of my followers! I couldn’t be happier. :)

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deedee-sims said: Hello! :D List two things you like about yourself, then pass this onto the first ten peoples you like. #TeamSelfEsteem

Oh well thank you for picking me! My favourite thing about me is probably my smile, it just kinda lights up my face! I also really love my eyes, my boyfriend always tells me how beautiful they are. Woo! I shall go tag some others now. :3

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I am home!

I was meant to make a post yesterday but I just didnt have the time. I arrived home from turkey yesterday (sad face) but it was my birthday yesterday and it has been full of surprises! I have had three actually. One being saturday/Sunday morning in turkey when the waiters at a bar we went to bought out a birthday cake with my name on (organised by my cousin). Then after arriving at gatwick I got drove to a restaurant inwhich my whole family were situated for a birthday meal! Then today at work everyone came upstairs with a cake and sung me happy (late) birthday. It was lovely. So all in all I had a wonderful holiday and a nice birthday too. Time to update some sims later!!

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Have a few pics of my holiday! They arent the greatest ones as these are only ones I took on my phone. I will upload more when I get home. I’m looking forward to playing sims again but I am going to miss turkey when I come home sunday!

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I forgot to mention that I have gone on holiday! Which explains the lack of updates. I arrived yesterday in Turkey with my cousin Rosina. I may upload some photos when I get the chance.

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The third chapter of my Verity 100 Baby Challenge is up on my lj!

Click here to read.

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