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Moving back to the Harland Household, here’s Wiley and Astra.

This is Freya! She looks like her dad I think :3

Jane went into labour and Merlin just kinda stood there… good going Merlin.

The Cardozo House had a bit of an extension (with the help of the 11,000 that Jade brought in) so they have enough room for the future arrival!

Selfie sunday. This a few weeks old, but hey, no make up! I hope you’re all enjoying my posts, should be some more in the next few days. It’s difficult to post as frequently as I used to, as I’m working now.

I think Merlin hates restocking more than working on the till.

At first glance Merlin looks confident within his new business, but when it comes to using the till… he’s still a little rusty.

Merlin finally opened his flower shop! (This is my first time playing a community lot business). Here are a few glimpses.

Merlin looks so proud! Can’t wait to see what they’re children are going to look like~

I guess these two do move fast, either that or I don’t take enough pictures! (I think the latter is true). The two love birds are already married and have a baby on the way! 


Thanks! Er well she is actually married to Andre, so they decided to have a baby! Hope this answers your question? :D

Jade and Merlin seemed to get on so well. She actually ended up moving in straight away - they move quickly.

❝ Thank you :D. I really love your gameplay screenshots, too. They pop up very regularly on my dash. Your screenshots and other Sims 2 players' really make me feel nostalgic about the Sims 2. I still have all my EPs somewhere in the house but it's quite unfortunate that I can't install them due to incompatibility problems with my computer. ❞

That’s okay! I feel the same about Sims 3, I used to play but I had to uninstall due to computer issues, and now I play Sims 2. I miss it occasionally though, especially after seeing all the posts on my dash! I guess everyone suffers similar problems xD

Thanks ACR. (These two hadn’t even kissed yet)