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Beate gained the Natural Cook trait.

Despite being a rather strange looking child, I think she’s actually pretty cute~

Beate is turning into a teenager!

Ilana and Beate joined their sister on the slide.

Ilana: This homework is difficult.

Beate: Tell me about it.

You can tell which one is the slob..

Beate: Rawrrr! I’m a dinosaur!

Ah you’re so scary Beate! D:

Beate: 3… 2… 1…

Beate: Go!

Beate grew into a child and gained the Vehicle Enthusiast trait.

She also looks like her father <_<

Beate: Bogies!

Beate loves her mummy.

Juno: Come on Beate, say something! Anything!

Beate: She is joking, right?

Together they make a pretty cute pair <3

And this is Iliana’s twin sister Beate Jones