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Ilana Jones

She gained the Perceptive trait.

Ilana also grew into a teenager! :D

Ilana and Beate joined their sister on the slide.

Ilana: This homework is difficult.

Beate: Tell me about it.

You can tell which one is the slob..

Whilst Beate was playing dinosaur, Ilana decided she would be a princess.

Ilana: And you must all do what I say.


Ilana grew up! She gained the Frugal trait.

You can tell she looks like her father >_>

Renata: Where did I go?!


Renata: Here I am!

Ilana: Omg.

Juno: Who’s a clever little bunny?


Juno: You are!

My adorable little bunny.

Together they make a pretty cute pair <3

This is Iliana Jones