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Basically when my computer got like refreshed the guy who did it couldn’t save my installed games, just the content. So I’ve got everything back and installed but I played my 100 Baby Challenge on Sunlit Tides and Moreau Legacy on Lucky Palms, which I both downloaded for free. I’ve tried installing them again (successfully) but it still says parts are missing to load up the save. I don’t know what I can do apart from buy the actual worlds, but I really don’t have the money to do that. I don’t want to stop them :’(

Can anyone help at all?

Renata Jones.


Renata is (finally) growing up into a Young Adult! 

Waaah another one has to leave T^T

Ilana Jones

She gained the Perceptive trait.

Ilana also grew into a teenager! :D

Beate gained the Natural Cook trait.

Despite being a rather strange looking child, I think she’s actually pretty cute~

Beate is turning into a teenager!

Malena: I will rule over you, my minions!

Erm what minions…

Juno: You’re such a smart and clever boy Magnus! Well done!

Magnus: Er, what?

Malena gained the Hot-Headed trait.

She’s so cute!

Malena also had her birthday! 

Nura gained the Mooch trait.

Nura had her birthday!

Magnus Jones child number nine.

He is an eccentric and clumsy sim.

Time to start popping!