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This is Marcel Dex Jones, the third born in my 100 Baby Challenge!

His traits are;

Marcel Dex is my baby and I love him to bits, so I’m happy to share him with you all! I hope you all like him, you can download him here.

If you have any questions, don’t be hesitant to ask~

Wat. When did this happen?!

He’s not in a relationship with her or anything hmmm. Maybe they’re just friends.



Edit: I just realised this must be Minzi’s sister (She’s the girl Marcel had a thing for) Whattttttttttttt?!

Hellooooo handsome~

This is Marcel Dex as a Young Adult!


Starsign: Pisces

Fave Food: Vegetarian Dim Sum

Fave Music: Pop

Fave Colour: Green

Lifetime Wish: The Canine Companion

Marcel Dex is now turning into a Young Adult!

Ah this is so sad! I’m going to miss him and Lea so much!

Marcel Dex is my favourite.

Marcel and Calypso shared a hug~

Minzi might be out of Marcel’s league, she rejected his kiss and then rejected any advances from him… There’s always next time Marcel! D:

This is Minzi Cho, Marcel’s love interest. I gave her a little makeover~

Marcel does not appreciate being called a loser.

Lea: You are such a loserrrrr! No one likes you.

Marcel: Shut your face Lea! You don’t know anything, I have more friends than you! I even have someone that likes me, whereas you’re going to be forever alone!

Marcel went for a more smart-casual look. He doesn’t have a date either.

Heh his hair looks like it has purple tips >.<

Lea: Are we doing this right?

Marcel Dex: I don’t know, this is just awkward.

Lea: True.

Marcel Dex: Just practicing my dance moves, for tonight, y’know.

You don’t even have a date.

Marcel Dex: Hey, I’m a lone wolf, and if I can dance then maybe the girls will notice me.

As long as you’re not wearing that.

I may of liked your boxers Marcel but I like your face more~

Nice boxers Marcel.

Marcel: What. Who said you could come in here?! Get outttt!