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I think the two of them are pretty cute together.

This is Kelsey Priscilla’s boyfriend.

I gave him a little makeover~

600 Follower Gift Part One!

A few people requested that I upload some of the children from my 100 Baby Challenge, so here’s the first born Priscilla Jones~


I hope you like her, you can download her here.

Any questions, don’t be hesitant to ask!

Priscilla’s House


Pleaseee! I want grandbabiesss I want to give that man a makeover! Please get married Priscilla! :3

Hi I decided to screenshot it.

If she does get with him then I will give him a makeover ;3

I’m slightly excited.

New flirt: Priscilla Jones

I was like waaaaaaaaaaaat. You go gurl.

Edit: She was flirting with this guy who’s name I’ve forgotten but he looks weird and has a cowboy hat. I JUST WANT GRANDBABIES. I hope they get together.

Okay I know I said Priscilla got a job in the Athletic career well now she is a Journalist. XD

So Priscilla has a new job! She got a job at the Sport Centre. God knows why, she’s not Athletic or anything…

Priscilla: It is time to become independent!

Goodbye bby I’m going to miss you! )’:

Priscilla Jones became a Young Adult!


Starsign: Aquarius

Favourite Food: Hot Dog

Favourite Music: R&B

Favourite Colour: Violet

Lifetime Wish: The Ark Builder

Priscilla: Yay I’m finally going to be an adult!

Lea and Marcel: We’re going to miss you!

Juno: The baby’s coming!

Priscilla: Oh God I’m not ready for this, I can’t watch!

Marcel: As the man of the family I am willing to help, but I kind of wish I didn’t…

Lea: Why mum why?! This is scary! You need to get to the hospital!

Priscilla: I love all my little sisters!

Priscilla read Lea a bedtime story.