Juno stood outside her strange, alien home. She hadn’t chose to live here, it was chosen for her. By the higher ones. The Almighty. 

"There is one thing in which we ask of you, young one." The deep voice could only be heard in Juno’s head. She just stood there, still as anything. Listening. "You have been chosen by us, the Almighty, to bare 100 children."

Juno had many a question to ask, but nothing escaped her mouth, so she thought it. Wondering if the Almighty could hear what she said in her head; as they could speak into it. ‘Why me? Why have you taken me away from my home, my family? Why?’ She thought to herself, but there was no reply. At least she was safe in her mind.

"We understand that you must be confused, young one… but soon all will be revealed. Behind you you’ll find your new home, equipped with everything you’ll need to bare these 100 children. Of course they won’t always live here, as soon as they reach 18 they’ll be moving out into the world of Hidden Springs. You just have one simple job, Juno. To be a mother to these children."

A smile spread over Juno’s face, she looked happy, but you can tell that behind that smile she’s scared. Scared of the Almighty and scared of what will come of her. She just knows that she cannot reject this mission of hers, that all she can do is smile. 

"We’re glad to see some emotion on your face Juno." The voice continued to breach her mind. "Inside the house the first inseminator is waiting. His name is Marcus Mitchell. You both know what is expected. Don’t fail us Juno. We’re counting on you."

Juno nodded, and spoke; her voice was quiet and soft, fear lingeringly slightly. “I will try my hardest to please you.” 

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Juno took the first steps into her new life, taking a sharp breath as she did. She wasn’t ready for this, why couldn’t she have a normal family in a normal way? What made her so ‘special?’ 

Always these questions would be running through her mind, but if she was to ever get answers she would not know. Juno walked into the main living room to see a young man occupying one of the arm chairs. She presumed that was Marcus Mitchell, (Created by SundaySims) his face was strong and his gaze intent on hers. He was attractive and definitely liked to keep in shape. He was almost perfect for the job. “You must be Juno.” Marcus said as Juno took a seat opposite him.

He seemed to be fidgeting a bit. “Are you alright?” Juno breathed out, slightly worried.

"Not exactly." His once calm face turned into a scowl. "I’m guess you were dragged into this as well? One minute I was out in the fields, the next I’m outside this bloody house being told that I have to father a child in which I will never see again." Marcus was angry and he was taking it out on Juno. His voice slowly raised along with his stance. Juno sighed.

"Why’re you getting angry at me? Have you ever though about what I have to go through? I have to give birth to 100 children. 100. All with different fathers of course. How am I meant to cope by myself, with no support? No father no other members of family. Nothing. Stop your complaining, you have it easy Marcus." That kept him quiet, this time he let out a sigh. 

"I suppose your right Juno, it’s just the Almighty they… they seem to have no consideration for anyone else, only their benefits or what they say is right for the sims kind. Screw what they think." Juno didn’t really know what to say, she knew that at the end of the day her and Marcus will have to have woohoo and that she will fall pregnant with his child. They both knew it.

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Both Juno and Marcus stood up, keeping eachother’s gaze. This was the moment. They knew they were just wasting time with the small chat and that more important business was to come.

Juno was nervous. The two bodies met. Marcus moved his hand over Juno’s arm, gripping slightly. “You don’t have to be nervous you know.” He whispered to her, his voice slightly husky. Juno gulped.

"I can’t help it. I’m only 18 and… and… and I’ve never well… you know." Juno’s face was staring down at the floor, her cheeks blushing. Marcus pushed her chin up, their eyes gazing at eachother. Neither of the two felt overly attracted to another but knew that deep inside there was an understanding between the two.

"Well then… shall we?" Marcus said awkwardly. Juno simply nodded and turned towards the stairway. "I’m right behind you Juno."

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Juno stalked up the stairs Marcus slowly trailing her. They were both nervous and didn’t quite know what to expect. 

"That was…actually really nice." Marcus whispered into Juno’s ear shortly afterwards as they rest on Juno’s bed. Juno let out a small murmur as a reply. "I wonder if it worked." Marcus stated shortly after. Juno stayed silent after that in the embrace of Marcus, not her first love or her first boyfriend, just her first. A tear dropped down her face. 

'It's worth it. It'll be worth it.' She kept telling herself, thinking of the children, her future children. She was going to bring so much life into the world and she would love all of them equally, she knew it. 

It’ll all be worth it in the end.

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Juno woke up with no sim beside her. She sat up and rubbed her eyes slightly, confused as to where he had gone. Then she realized. Of course he would’ve just left, he couldn’t stay involved with her. In a way it was just business.

"You have done well so far Juno" The Almighty returned the voice breaching Juno. 

"Where’s Marcus?" Juno braved and spoke opening to the Almighty for the first time.

"He has gone. He is not needed anymore." 

Juno didn’t speak again after this.

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Soon enough Juno was feeling nauseous and woke up late in the night. This was a first hand experience for her but her natural instincts told her. She just knew this was a sign of being pregnant.

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As expected Juno was pregnant. She was going to have a child, Marcus’ child, but he wouldn’t even see them growing up. 

"Well done Juno. You have been successful, not long now and the child will arrive. We look forward to it." Of course the Big Brother type voice was back, always checking in, always there are the right time. 

Would Juno ever be free? Maybe after 100 children…

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The growing bump of Juno.

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Along came the labor pains. Juno clutched her stomach as she experienced contractions for the first time. What was she supposed to do? She couldn’t give birth alone in her house. “I have to get to the hospital.” She muttered quietly to herself.

"You should stay at home Juno. You don’t need to go outside. We’ll be here keeping an eye on you." The Almighty spoke to Juno, wanting her to stay in her house alone.

"Screw you, I’m going to the hospital. Do you want me to die?!" Juno screamed as she continued to clutch her stomach. She then ignored anymore words from the Almighty as she managed to get into the car and drive herself to the nearby hospital.

"It’s going to be okay."

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Juno gave birth at 5:16PM to a little girl whom she named Priscilla Jones.

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Priscilla Jones

Loves The Outdoors


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Juno held Priscilla gently in her arms as the small toddler began to fall asleep. “She’s beautiful…” Juno whispered under her breath. If only she wasn’t so alone.

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